5 Best-Tasting Dark Labs Pre-Workouts

best-tasting pre-workouts
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Dark Labs is a company that specializes in creating high-intensity, powerful formulations for the extreme and hardcore stimulant enthusiasts.

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Whether you need a hardcore power-up for your training or just a slight nudge to improve the results of your exercise, there’s one super important thing—your pre-workout needs to taste good! After all, you’ll be taking it before every visit to the gym for at least a month since you don’t want to throw away your supplements, right? This is why we’ve prepared this ranking for you—the 5 best-tasting Dark Labs pre-workouts that will give your muscles and taste buds the kicks they need!

Amaze Your Taste Buds: Our 5 Best-Tasting Pre-Workout Supplements!

So, which of our supplements for fierce workouts are the most flavorsome? Get a good look at the list below—you might want to order one of these pre-workouts in the future.😉

Dark Labs Crack Gold Limited Edition

When it comes to taste, the #1 of our hardcore pre-workouts is undoubtedly our king: Dark Labs Crack Gold Limited Edition. If we were to describe this supplement in simple words, we’d say it’s your regular crack pre-workout after taking a pre-workout. But okay, enough about the power—why does it taste so good?

Dark Labs Crack Gold Limited Edition is, most of all, extremely refreshing—just as any pre-workout should be. It comes in three different flavors, so it’ll suit all workout freaks. What are they?

  • Cherry Limeade,
  • Refreshing Watermelon,
  • Rainbow Candy.

So, if you’re looking for pump, power, and deliciousness—pick Dark Labs Gold.

best-tasting pre-workouts- dark labs crack gold

Dark Labs Crack

What if Dark Labs Crack Gold is out of stock? Well, then, you should try the regular Dark Labs Crack. It’s also powerful, though not as hardcore as its gold version, and it will suit your taste buds. Beware, though—it comes in flavors different from its younger, golden sibling:

  • Tropical Punch,
  • Dark Berry,
  • Orange.

It’s not the last crack on the list, so watch closely for other versions of it on our list of the best-tasting Dark Labs pre-workouts. Plus, it might not be as strong as the others, but it’s a great option for beginners, so feel free to grab it if you’re just starting to work out!

best-tasting pre-workouts - dark labs crack

Dark Labs Maniaco

Do you want to unleash the beast within you? To taste a mouthwatering pre-workout that will give you power like never before? We’ve got the right thing for you—you absolutely have to try Dark Labs Maniaco!

Made in collaboration with GarageGymHomie, this is the ultimate source of power—a power that you might find hard to handle. That’s why we recommend starting from half a serving—believe us, saying that it’s strong, powerful, ultimate, and extreme is just an understatement.

What about the flavor? You’ve got two options to choose from:

  • Pinacolada,
  • Cherry Mango

The flavors might not be as unusually extreme as this pre-workout itself, but they will bring extreme pleasure to your taste buds. So, if you want the best, strongest, most delicious supplement, get the Maniaco!

best-tasting pre-workouts - dark labs maniaco

Dark Labs Crack Reloaded

Dark Labs Crack Reloaded is another take on Dark Labs Crack, in this case, reloaded with a powerful array of nootropics. While it might not contain DMAA/DMHA, it’s a powerful mix for those with some pre-workout experience, though it’s not as extreme as other supplements from our list. And, since we mentioned our list—why is it one of the best-tasting Dark Labs pre-workouts?

Like other supplements, it comes in several flavors:

  • Cherry Limeade,
  • Green Apple,
  • Tangerine Orange.

As you can see, all of the flavors are fruit-based, using the most classic fruit or adding a slightly less common twist to them. It’s perfect if you like your food (or supplements) a bit sour. Plus, it’s extremely refreshing, giving you the extra boost you need before hitting the gym.

best-tasting pre-workouts - dark labs crack reloaded

Dark Labs P.I.M.P

If you don’t want to unleash the beast, then we have a better option for you: our first stim-free pre-workout, Dark Labs P.I.M.P., which is absolutely delicious! Yes, we’ve said it—even if you don’t care about flavors, you’ll still appreciate it, especially the Green Apple. And since we’re talking about flavors, what options do you have here?

  • Sour Cherry,
  • Green Apple.

Like Dark Labs Crack, it’s on the sour side of your taste buds, but believe us—you’ll love it. Plus, it’s a powerful pre-workout that doesn’t have any caffeine or other stimulants so it’s perfect even if you’re sensitive (or resistant) or if you want to train in the evenings.

best-tasting pre-workouts - dark labs pimp

Does the Pre-Workout Taste Really Matter?

Okay, so you know what the best-tasting Dark Labs pre-workouts are, but should you care? Well, yes and no.

It’s true that you taste your pre-workouts only for a few seconds every few days, so it’s not that important. It does not have to be the most delicious supplement ever. But you still need to like it a little bit, at least.

If you pick a pre-workout that is simply disgusting in taste, you’ll be struggling to take it until you finish it, which may take a few weeks. It will be a massive effort to keep your supplementation routine consistent. Thus, we believe you should think about the flavor—unless you’re really sure that you have enough strong will to survive a pre-workout that you completely don’t like.

This said, if you are effect-oriented, it might be difficult to find a pre-workout that will be yummy—the more ingredients, the harder it is to achieve a good taste. So if you’re on heavy supplementation and need out-of-this-world pre-workouts, be ready that they might not be the best, though you still can get some good-tasting powerful ones from our list!

The Takeaway

Whether you’re a pre-workout connoisseur or just someone who wants the best gym experience, the supplements from our list of the best-tasting Dark Labs pre-workouts will be good for you. They taste great, they’re powerful (though there are also options for beginners), and they get the job done—they’re exactly what you need!

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best-tasting pre-workouts

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