Best Supplements & Ingredients for Muscle Pump

best supplements for muscle pump
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Which supplement is best for muscle pump? What ingredients should it contain? We recommend using pre-workouts, especially those that contain the following ingredients: beetroot extract, citrulline malate, carbs, betaine, and creatine. Do you want to learn why? Then read on!

Best Ingredients for Muscle Pump and Where to Find Them

While we could (and we will) suggest some supplements from our store, it’s important to know why the particular products are excellent for muscle pump. The best way to do that is to explore the top ingredients for muscle pump that you can find in such supplements, so let’s do this now.

best supplement for muscle pump

Beetroot Juice/Extract

Beetroot extract (aka beetroot juice) is an extremely effective ingredient for muscle pump, though it doesn’t get sufficient recognition. How does it work?

Beetroot extract contains nitrates, which are converted into nitric oxide (NO) in your body. In turn, NO relaxes your blood vessels, thus increasing your blood flow leading to a better pump. What’s more, it also has antioxidant effects, helping you keep a healthy body.

You may find beetroot extract both in popular supplements, like pre-workouts, and as a supplement of its own. You have to remember, however, not to exceed a 250-500 mg daily dosage of this substance.

Citrulline Malate

Which supplement is best for muscle pump? One that contains citrulline malate.

Like beetroot extract, citrulline malate helps your body generate more nitric oxide, hence upping your blood flow and pumping you up. But that’s not the end of the benefits. It’s also one of the best supplements for long workouts, as it enhances both muscle strength and endurance.

Where to find citrulline malate? Here, you need to rely on supplementation: either pre-workouts containing it or standalone products.


Unusual as it may seem, carbohydrates are one of the best ingredients for muscle pump. This is because they increase insulin levels, hence improving blood flow. That’s exactly why you are usually recommended to get a more carb-rich meal before your workouts.

Most popular pre-workout supplements don’t contain a lot of carbs, so you have to look for alternatives. In this case, apart from sticking to a healthy, training-oriented diet, we recommend taking glucose, though other simple carbohydrates should also do the trick.


Betaine (aka Trimethylglycine) is a non-essential nutrient that you’ll find in many popular foods, such as:

  • spinach,
  • sweet potato,
  • beets.

It’s typically associated with muscle strength as this is what it impacts the most, but it can also be a powerful ingredient for muscle pump. Take, for instance, research conducted in 2006, which proved that taking 6 grams of betaine per week leads to a 185% increase in nitric oxide. (Iqbal et al., 2006) And, as you know from our discussion on the previously mentioned ingredients, this translates directly into a much better pump.

When getting your betaine, you could rely on supplements, but it might not be enough. If trimethylglycine is on the pre-workout ingredient list, it’s usually in a much smaller dose than you need, since only about 2g/day is enough to boost muscle strength. Thus, you might need to rely on stand-alone betaine products if you want to get the full pump.


We cannot forget the must-have of any supplement list: creatine. As its effects were widely studied, you can be sure that creatine will increase your muscle pump significantly. How exactly? Let’s explain this briefly.

Taking creatine supplements builds up your creatine phosphate stores. These are then used to replenish ATP – the source of energy in your cells – in short spans. As a result, you can get to more intense, explosive workouts.

What are the best supplements for muscle pump that contain creatine? Apart from the standalone products, you’ll find it in many other products, including some pre-workouts. But beware if you’re planning to mix creatine and pre-workouts – you have to pay close attention to the dosage if you do so. After all, you shouldn’t take more than 3-5g of creatine per day.

Best Supplements for Muscle Pump Here at DarkLabs

We’ve gone through the ingredients, so now let’s answer the most important question: which supplement is the best for muscle pump? We recommend any pre-workout from our Crack line, especially:

All of these pre-workouts will give you a powerful boost, improving your muscle pump and letting you squeeze 100%, no, 110% out of your workouts. Be sure to check them out, and read their descriptions first – some of them are truly hardcore and will be good only for experienced users!

which supplement is best for muscle pump

Why Take Supplements for Muscle Pump?

We’ve gone through our list of the best supplements for muscle pump, and we’ve explained which ingredients matter, but do you really need to take extra products to boost your pump? To answer this question, let’s simply look at what benefits they come with.

  • Enhanced blood flow to muscles, leading to better nutrient delivery and waste removal during workouts.
  • Increased muscle fullness and vascularity, which gives you a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • Improved endurance and stamina, allowing you to go through longer, more intensive training sessions.
  • Accelerated recovery between workouts, reducing your muscle soreness and fatigue.
  • Heightened mental focus and motivation during training, leading to more productive workouts.
  • Potential for greater muscle growth and strength gains over time if you use the supplements consistently.

The Takeaway

We hope that you now know which supplement is the best for muscle pump. Remember to always read the formulas and calculate the daily dosage of each ingredient, especially if you mix different supplements together. After all, you don’t want to overdose on any of the substances in them and suffer from unpleasant side effects.

If you ever have any doubts considering combining or taking your supplements, you can always consult a doctor. And, if you’re looking for help or have any questions regarding our pre-workouts, hit the contact button and let us know what’s on your mind!

You may also want to check out our list of the best supplements for muscle growth!


Iqbal, O., Fareed, D., Cunanan, J., Hoppensteadt, D., Messadek, J., Baltasar, F., & Fareed, J. (2006). Betaine induced release of tissue factor pathway inhibitor and nitric oxide: Implications in the management of cardiovascular disease. The FASEB Journal, 20(4), A655-A655.

Which supplement is best for muscle pump?

Pre-workouts are recommended for muscle pump, particularly those containing beetroot extract, citrulline malate, carbs, betaine, and creatine.

How does beetroot extract contribute to muscle pump?

Beetroot extract contains nitrates that convert into nitric oxide, relaxing blood vessels and increasing blood flow, resulting in improved muscle pump.

Why is creatine important for muscle pump?

Creatine increases muscle pump by replenishing ATP stores, providing energy for intense workouts. It can be found in standalone products or some pre-workouts, but dosage should be carefully monitored.

best supplements for muscle pump

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