Three types of Caffeine – which one is the best

Caffeine has been around for centuries and as any regular gym goer knows, it’s a constant in many pre workouts, due to the fact it works. Caffeine works on the central nervous system and has been proven to boost energy, performance, strength, power, improve focus and delays mental fatigue. With so many benefits, it’s not […]

Why Agmatine is excellent for pump

Agmatine sulfate is a decarboxylated metabolite of the amino acid L-arginine. Agmatine is found in foods such as shellfish, meat and fermented foods such as coffee, wine and beer.   Agmatine is considered to be a neurotransmitter and neuromodulator. This means that it has an effect on your neurons and nervous system receptors. It plays […]

How GBB HCL improve fat burning

Gamma-Butyrobetaine (GBB) is a naturally occurring molecule, GBB is referred to as being a Pro-Carnitine molecule.   A few clinical trials show GBB to be a potent compound that produces more than just fat burning capabilities. One of the most impressive findings is a result that showed a near-doubling of plasma carnitine levels after supplementation (an increase […]

Eria Jarensis extract – new era of stimulants

Eria Jarensis aka N-phenethyl dimethylamine is a plant in the orchid family – eria is the genus, eria jarensis is the species. Only the plant has been shown to supply N-phenethyl dimethylamine. This PEA like compound has grown in popularity due to it’s positive effects and it not being banned by FDA.   Eria Jarensis […]

Nootropics in preworkout– why should I use them

Nootropics have always been a feature in pre workouts – but more emphasis has been placed on nootropics nowadays and for good reason – they work and improve the experience of your pre workout.   Benefits of nootropics: – Boosts mood – Mental Clarity – Focus – Enhances memory – Slows down cognitive decline – […]

How pre workouts can improve your workout

Pre workouts have been around for decades and for good reason, they can directly improve your workouts and take your efforts to new heights. Let’s discuss the ways in which a pre workout can influence your workout positively. What makes a good pre workout? This is a question that has a lot of answers but […]

Why you should be using Yohimbine for your fat loss goals?

Yohimbine has been on the market for years and it’s still very much misunderstood and more light needs to shed on its effects as well as usage to truly understand this compound and reap maximum benefits.   What is Yohimbine? Yohimbe is an evergreen tree native to central and western Africa. It has a compound […]


Turkesterone is a naturally occurring ecdysteroid derived from plants and is classified as a plant steroid. It is also found in many sources of food, however in low amounts. Therefore supplementation of a high quality Turkesterone product is essential to reap the full potential and benefits Turkesterone has to offer. WHY WOULD I TAKE IT? […]

SARM RAD-140 – what is it?

RAD-140, also known as Testolone, is a specific that belongs to the group of SARMs – modifiers of androgen receptors. Unlike the other best known substances in this category, RAD-140 is a relatively new substance. We first heard about it in 2010. It affects androgen receptors and is much stronger than natural testosterone. And, by […]

What is Ostarine – one of the best SAMRs ever created?

Ostarine, also known as MK-2866, is another popular drug belonging to the group of SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators). It is a dietary supplement intended only for the most advanced and experienced bodybuilders and athletes engaged in exercise and strength sports. Like most SARMs, although they are not anabolic steroids, they are on the list […]

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