Can We Take Fat Burners With Pre–Workouts?

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We have already discussed using fat burners without working out, but what about training with them? After all, there are many other supplements that you could use to enhance your gym sessions, so are fat burners necessary? In this article, we will focus on one particular combination: pre-workouts with fat burners. Can you, and should you, mix them? Read on to discover the answers!

Mixing pre-workouts with fat burners – what’s the difference?

Pre-workouts and fat burners are both supplements designed to enhance the effects of workout sessions. However, they differ in the aspects that they focus on. The former aim to increase focus, energy levels and overall performance, while the latter impact appetite and metabolism. Yet, in many cases they use similar ingredients.

Both fat burners and pre-workouts may contain caffeine, taurine or yohimbine. So, while in general these two supplements differ, there are some similarities between them.

Another difference that exist when it comes to pre-workouts and fat burners is the dosage frequency. In general, pre-workouts should be taken before trainings, while fat burners ought to be taken daily, with less regard to the time of the day. Though there is a slight similarity here as well – you shouldn’t take either of them in the evening, since the caffeine in them might make it hard for you to fall asleep.

Does taking a pre-workout with a fat burner work?

Combining pre-workouts with fat burners is a great way to enhance your training, yet it is not always necessary. If you struggle with your appetite and lead a scarcely active lifestyle, fat burners will indeed be helpful. But, if you train a lot, and are just looking for a way to take your workouts to the next level, pre-workouts will be enough. The effects of fat burners will simply not be that visible, since your metabolism will be boosted through physical activity.

Is it safe to stack a fat burner with a pre-workout?

The answer to whether you can take a fat burner with a pre-workout is: it depends. In general, the latter can be taken with a plethora of supplements, so why should it be different in this case? Because of the similarity in the ingredients.

Many shared elements of pre-workouts and fat burners need a lot of time to completely leave our body. This means that if you stack these supplements together, you risk overdosing one of their ingredients. But, it does not have to be so at all times.

In our article “How Long Do Fat Burners Stay in Your System,” we have described the half-lives of the main fat burner ingredients. This means that you can more-or-less estimate how long each substance remains in your body. If you desire to mix a fat burner with a pre-workout, and they only share the ingredients that leave your system quickly, it should not be dangerous for your health. But, in all cases, it is most advised to visit a doctor beforehand.

A physician will be able to decide whether you can take a specific pre-workout with a fat burner. They may also estimate the time intervals that you should keep to between taking both supplements. Yet, in some cases, mixing particular pre-workouts with fat burners might be impossible. Then you have only two choices: opt for more compatible supplements or use only one of them.

The consequences of mixing pre-workouts and fat burners

Even if combining these supplements is safe, you might still suffer from some unpleasant side effects. Thus, you should thoroughly think through whether you indeed need to combine them. So, what are the possible consequences of mixing pre-workouts with fat burners?

  • Irritability
  • Heart palpitations
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Caffeine reliance
  • Jitters

We also need to mention here that you should avoid taking these two supplements and other caffeine-based drinks at the same time. Pre-workouts and energy drinks, coffee and fat-burners – all of these contain excessive amounts of caffeine, plus everything apart from coffee might contain taurine. Thus, if you mix all of these together, side effects are bound to happen. The conclusion here is: give up these drinks if you decide to use both of the supplements in discussion.

I can’t take my pre-workout with a fat burner – which one should I stick to?

If you learned that it is not safe to stack your pre-workout with your fat-burner, you’ll need to choose one of them. But, which one will be better? It usually depends on your aims and the intensity of your trainings.

Fat burners accelerate metabolism both when inactive and active. Though working out is required for them to be fully effective, they will still be an aid if you go to gym only once or twice a week. Plus, they are better if your target is purely losing on weight and reducing the fat percentage in your body.

Pre-workouts are, on the other hand, way better if you train a lot. They will enhance your training, letting you go through more intense workouts. Plus, they reduce the feeling of fatigue, so you won’t feel drained after every visit to the gym. If you’re planning to train frequently and your aim is to build the perfect muscles, not only lose fat, you should opt for a pre-workout.

Final thoughts

Can you take a fat burner with a pre-workout? It depends on their composition. Both supplements share several, stimulating ingredients, so it is best to consult a doctor before mixing them. But, even if it’s safe to take them both, you might still suffer from negative side effects, such as nausea, caffeine reliance, jitters or anxiety. Thus, in some situations, it is better to opt for only one of these supplements. This choice should be made depending on your lifestyle. But, nevertheless, remember – while fat burners and pre-workouts might be helpful, they will not replace a healthy, well-balanced diet. So, they should only be an addition to proper nutrition and training plans.
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Does taking a pre-workout with a fat burner work?

Combining pre-workouts with fat burners can enhance training, but it’s not always necessary. If you have a low activity level and struggle with appetite, fat burners can be helpful. Otherwise, pre-workouts may suffice for boosting workouts.

Is it safe to stack a fat burner with a pre-workout?

It depends on the ingredients and their half-lives. Mixing them may lead to overdosing on certain substances. It’s advisable to consult a doctor before combining these supplements to determine safety and proper intervals.

If I can’t take my pre-workout with a fat burner, which one should I stick to?

It depends on your goals and workout intensity. Fat burners are effective for weight loss and reducing fat percentage, even with less frequent gym visits. Pre-workouts are better for intense training and building muscle mass. Choose based on your fitness objectives.


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