Can You Take Pre-Workout Everyday?

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Can you take a pre-workout everyday? Well, it depends on the type of supplement you use. While it is fine to take non-stim pre-workouts everyday (as long as none of their ingredients have long-lasting, negative effects), we don’t recommend taking stimulating pre-workouts on a daily basis, as this way you will build up tolerance to their energizing effects. We will discuss this in more detail in this article, so read on if you wish to learn more!

Can You Take a Non-Stim Pre-Workout Everyday?

Non-stimulant pre-workouts often exclude ingredients like caffeine and focus on other elements such as amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. These supplements aim to improve blood flow, nutrient delivery, and muscle recovery without relying on stimulating agents. As a result, non-stimulant pre-workouts are generally considered safe for daily use, given that their ingredients do not pose long-lasting negative effects on your body.

Incorporating non-stimulant pre-workouts into your daily routine can provide consistent support for your fitness goals without the risks associated with overstimulation. However, it’s crucial to carefully examine the ingredients of any supplement to ensure none have adverse effects or interactions with other medications. 

Some pre-workout ingredients, especially those that aren’t frequently used in most supplements, might have a negative effect on your body when taken too often. Therefore, you should carefully analyze your supplements and order them only from reputable sources like DarkLabs.

can you take pre workout everyday

Can You Take Stim Pre-Workouts Everyday?

If you know the difference between stim and non-stim pre-workouts, you realize that the former contain caffeine, green tea extracts, and other energizing ingredients. What does it mean in practice? That you cannot, or shouldn’t, take these pre-workouts everyday.

The case here is pretty simple. Our bodies naturally build up tolerance against stimulants that we take too often. This means that using stim pre-workouts too often will make you resistant to them. In turn, you’ll need to get stronger and stronger supplements to a moment that no pre-workout will be powerful enough to give you the kicks you need while training.

Do You Need to Take Pre-Workouts Everyday?

We’ve established that you can take non-stim pre-workouts everyday, but you shouldn’t do so with the stimulating ones. But do you really need to take those supplements so often?

Usually, no, you don’t. While pre-workouts do have a wide range of positive effects, they are typically aimed at enhancing your training routine. If you don’t workout everyday (which you shouldn’t do), they won’t be that much of a help – you’ll find a plethora of other supplements that will do the trick even better.

Is It Bad to Take Pre-Workout Everyday? Possible Side-Effects

Pre-workouts aren’t meant to be taken everyday, so even if you can take them, you need to be aware of the possible side effects. Let’s go briefly through some of them.

Stim Pre-Workouts

  • Building up tolerance – As we mentioned earlier, using stim pre-workouts daily might cause you to become resistant to their energizing effects to an extent when even the strongest supplements won’t do the trick for you.
  • Cardiovascular strain – Stim pre-workouts might elevate heart rate and blood pressure. This isn’t that much of a problem if you take them once or twice per week, but if you do so daily, the consequences might be severe. This includes arrhythmias, hypertension, or even an increased risk of a stroke.
  • Insomnia – In our article on how long fat burners stay in your system, we’ve discussed caffeine and its half-life (the time when its concentration in your body reduces by 50%) – 5 hours. With the substance remaining in your blood for so long, you might feel energized throughout the whole day and night, which can lead to numerous sleeping disorders.

Non-Stim Pre-Workouts

  • Supplement-dependency – Relying on non-stim pre-workouts for your daily nutrition might impact your body’s ability to perform without external aids, making you dependent on your supplements.
  • Individual sensitiveness – It might be so that you are naturally a bit more sensitive to certain non-stim ingredients. When taken twice or three times a week, this might not be a problem. However, the oversensitivity might lead to allergic reactions if you take your pre-workouts daily.
  • Lack of proper nutrition – Each pre-workout has different ingredients, but no supplement will be a good alternative to a healthy, diverse diet. Relying on your pre-workouts daily might cause you to avoid certain foods and lead to nutrient depletion in the long run.

is it bad to take pre workout everyday

So, How Often Should You Take Your Pre-Workouts?

As we have underlined numerous times on our blog, pre-workout timing is crucial. So, how often should you take these supplements to get the most out of them without risking any unpleasant side effects? It all depends on you and your daily routine.

If, for instance, you drink a lot of coffee, you might want to slow down on pre-workouts. You also need to mind other supplements which have the same ingredients. But, the general rule is: take your pre-workouts only 30-45 minutes before your…workouts, and only then.

How Do You Get Rid of Pre-Workout Sickness?

Okay, but what if you already take pre-workouts too often and suffer from the side effects? Well, don’t worry – there are some ways that can help you mitigate the consequences. So, how to get rid of pre-workout sickness? We recommend three things:

  • Increase your water intake – since pre-workouts (or their side effects) might cause dehydration).
  • Think about your nutrition – perhaps the sickness is caused by the lack of certain nutrients since you’ve become overly dependent on your supplement.
  • Change the supplement – sometimes, the best solution is to swap the product you’ve been using for one with a different formula.

The Takeaway

So, can you take pre-workouts every day? Is taking pre-workouts every day bad? The answers are yes and…yes, respectively. While you might take non-stim supplements on a daily basis, we still don’t recommend doing so, as you might suffer from many side effects, and pre-workouts work best before training, anyway. Instead, consider opting for different supplements, like fat burners or testosterone boosters.

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Can You Take a Non-Stim Pre-Workout Everyday?

Non-stimulant pre-workouts, devoid of stimulating agents like caffeine, are generally safe for daily use, provided their ingredients pose no long-term adverse effects.

Can You Take Stim Pre-Workouts Everyday?

It’s not advisable to take stimulating pre-workouts daily as frequent usage can lead to tolerance build-up, diminishing their effectiveness over time.

Do You Need to Take Pre-Workouts Everyday?

No, pre-workouts are primarily aimed at enhancing workout routines, so daily intake isn’t necessary, especially if you don’t exercise daily.

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