How pre workouts can improve your workout

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Pre workouts have been around for decades and for good reason, they can directly improve your workouts and take your efforts to new heights. Let’s discuss the ways in which a pre workout can influence your workout positively.

What makes a good pre workout?

This is a question that has a lot of answers but from data and experience there are many different pre workout users – from those wanting stronger, more potent pre workouts to those seeking stimulant free options as they do not handle stimulants well.

What we’ve found is that pre workouts should boost all areas of your workout such as : Energy, focus, mood elevation, strength, performance and improved vasodilation (pumps). Finding a product that contains a sufficient amount of each ingredient is a challenge on its own but the best way to assess any pre workout is through trail and error, physically using the product maybe the best way in finding the right pre workout for YOU.

Let’s discuss the core compounds for these desired effects:

Energy –
Stimulants are a main driving factor to a powerful and effect workout. Caffeine along with other stimulants are a sure way to Rev up your efforts since they directly boost energy, performance and even enhance fat loss.

Finding the desired dosage of stimulants that work for you is usually down to personal preference. The combination of caffeine and other stimulants work best to improve your energy levels. If you are suffering from hypertension and heart conditions it’s best to seek medical advice before using and stimulated pre workout.

Stimulants naturally boost performance but there are other compounds that also influence performance such as Beta alanine and Citrulline. These two compounds are staples in many pre workouts thanks to there tried and true nature. Dosing for beta alanine ranges from 2000mg – 6400mg and L Citrulline 3000mg -6000mg. Of course creatine makes the list, monohydrate is the most researched form but other forms work extremely well.

Blood flow (pumps)
Another aspect often overlooked is the power of vasodilation. Better blood flow equates to better nutrient delivery which means better pumps. Citrulline is a common compound when it comes to vasodilation but nitrates are ultra effective as data suggests,Nitrates%20are%20a%20vasodilator.,from%20the%20arms%20and%20legs.

Another crucial elements in a complete and effective pre workout is focus. Stimulants enhance focus as well but when it comes to nootropics they do have a synergistic effect. Compounds such as l tyrosine and forms of choline help dial in focus and even improve mood and brain function.

Pre workouts can definitely help improve your workout, it’s personal preference end of the day but here at Dark Labs we cater to those serious users who want effectiveness without compromise. We have pre workouts that offer different experiences, all of which are unique and potent such as:

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What does pre workout do?

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