How to boost testosterone?

How to boost testosterone?
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Testosterone is a crucial for humans – its low levels are harmful both for men and women. The former might also benefit from having more testosterone, since the hormone can improve the efficiency of workouts. Nevertheless, there are cases when you just need to improve the amount of testosterone in your body. But what to do in such situations?

There are many ways in which you can boost your testosterone production. You may opt for supplements, natural products or even testosterone-boosting exercises. So, how to increase your testosterone levels? Find out, by reading this article!

What is testosterone, and when should you increase its level?

Before discussing how to increase testosterone levels, we need to discuss what is testosterone itself. This is a hormone produced in human bodies responsible for our muscle growth, libido and body hair. As such, both a surplus and a deficiency of testosterone might have negative effects.

Testosterone is produced in male testicles and in female ovaries, adrenal grand and peripheral tissues. Men generally have higher testosterone levels than women. A rapid increase in testosterone production in males begins during puberty, and the hormone level stays high until the elderly age. Women also begin to produce a bit more of this hormone while coming of age, yet their levels do not match the male ones. Nevertheless, both sexes need to keep their testosterone at bay, since both men and women can suffer from a lack or an excess of this hormone.

There are quite a few side effects of testosterone deficiency. If you are struggling with the issues below, you might start thinking how to boost your testosterone. Here is the list, of the most common problems:

  • decreased sex drive,
  • less energy,
  • weight gain,
  • bad moods and depressions,
  • poor concentration,
  • thinner and weaker bones.

A testosterone deficiency might have several causes. Apart from an unhealthy lifestyle, there are many chronic diseases that might hinder your testosterone production. Some medicine might also have an effect. Thus, you might want to consider checking your testosterone levels if you:

  • suffer from AIDS,
  • suffer from Alcoholism,
  • undergo chemotherapy,
  • had a testicle injury,
  • have a testicle cancer,
  • have too much body fat,
  • suffer from other chronic diseases.

Having too much testosterone, on the other hand, is also an undesired situation. While more of this hormone generally means better workout results and a higher increase in muscle mass, you need to remember that overdoing testosterone might lead to:

  • irritation, aggression, and general mood swings,
  • headaches,
  • insomnia,
  • excessive body hair,
  • decrease in sperm quality.

Thus, it is crucial to balance your testosterone level – boosting it slightly might contribute to your health and workout efficiency, but taking it too far might backfire.

How to increase testosterone naturally?

There are many natural ways to boost testosterone. It is possible to increase the hormone production just by introducing a few lifestyle changes – the way we live has a powerful impact on how much testosterone we produce. So, how to boost testosterone naturally?

The first answer to this question is exercise. Workouts consisting of heart-rate increasing exercises and resistance training are proven to increase testosterone levels. The effect might not always be permanent, but it will be quite visible for those who are on the verge of testosterone shortage. Just bear in mind that training too much might cause a drop in your testosterone production – you should not push yourself to the limits, if you’re working out with this hormone in mind.

The second option to quickly increase testosterone levels naturally is adapting a healthy lifestyle. While it might sound like a cliché, there is actually a connection between some bad habits and a drop in testosterone production. For instance, using tobacco products has been linked to lower testosterone levels. The same can be said for the shortage of sleep. Even better diet and avoiding stress can help you raise your testosterone. So if you desire to boost that hormone, think about improving your lifestyle – make it more healthy step by step, and your body will produce more testosterone. The things that you should focus on include:

  • Sleeping more – proper sleeps means proper testosterone production. The REM phase is especially important, so it’s crucial to keep a healthy sleeping routine.
  • Eating healthy – avoiding too much sugar and caffeine, processed foods and red meats while consuming nutritious products is a must, if you want to have more testosterone.
  • Avoiding stress – stress increases your cortisol levels, which increase your body fat, which increases the amount of testosterone converted to estrogen – the less stress, the more testosterone.
  • Keeping optimum body weight – similarly to the previous point, the more fat you have, the more testosterone will be converted, so you need to keep your weight at bay.
  • Quitting smoking and excessive drinking – both of these have direct negative effects and indirect ones – after all, alcohol whets your appetite.

How to increase your testosterone levels quickly using supplements?

If you want faster results, you might opt for many testosterone boosters – supplements aiming at accelerating your testosterone production. These substances will work much more speedily than the natural methods. Additionally, testosterone boosters are often created with particular aims in mind – for instance, building muscles or dropping body weight. Thus, you might choose something suited exactly to your needs.

A similar situation occurs in the case of the pre-workouts supplements. While the aim of these supplements is to increase the efficiency of your training, some of them might still have testosterone-boosting effects. Thus, it is also possible to raise the levels of this hormone by taking pre-workouts.

The takeaway

Keeping the right testosterone level is important – it lets you live a healthy life. Proper amount of testosterone will let you be in a good mood, have a healthy libido and grow muscles easily. In some cases, such as suffering from chronic diseases or testicle injuries, it is possible to lack testosterone. Thus, you might need to find ways to increase its production.

It is possible to increase your testosterone levels by eating healthy, exercising and avoiding stimulants. You might also opt for quicker solutions – testosterone boosters and some pre-workout supplements. However, you still have to remember that your testosterone level should not become too high. Otherwise, you might suffer from headaches, mood swings or even insomnia.

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What is testosterone and when should you increase its level?

Testosterone is a hormone produced in human bodies that is responsible for muscle growth, libido, and body hair. Both men and women can benefit from maintaining optimal testosterone levels. Deficiency or excess of testosterone can have negative effects, so it’s important to understand when to increase its level based on symptoms and medical conditions.

What are the common symptoms of testosterone deficiency?

The common symptoms of testosterone deficiency include decreased sex drive, low energy levels, weight gain, bad moods and depressions, poor concentration, and thinner and weaker bones. If you experience these symptoms and suspect testosterone deficiency, it is advisable to check your testosterone levels and consider boosting it.

How to increase testosterone levels naturally?

There are natural ways to increase testosterone levels. Regular exercise, including heart-rate increasing exercises and resistance training, has been shown to boost testosterone. Adopting a healthy lifestyle by improving sleep quality, maintaining a nutritious diet, managing stress levels, and maintaining an optimal body weight can also contribute to natural testosterone production. Making these lifestyle changes gradually can help increase testosterone levels over time.

How to boost testosterone?

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