How to Stack Supplements?

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How to stack supplements? First of all, you have to think about your goal – different supplements will work for different aims. Then, you should make the initial selection of your supplements. With that in mind, compare their formulas to ensure that you won’t overdose on any of the ingredients. Finally, make the end list and get ready to work out. Do you want to learn more? Then read on!

How to Stack Supplements? General Info

Let’s start with the general rules regarding supplement stacking. What should you look into, and how to approach this? Here’s our step-by-step guide!

how to build a supplement stack

Set Your Goal

While everybody in the gym might work out, not everyone has the same goals. One person might want to lose some extra fat, somebody else is into bodybuilding and a different person might be working on their endurance. To achieve each of these goals, you do a different training routine, activating different muscle groups, thus requiring different supplementation.

That’s why your first step should be to set your goal. For instance, if you wonder how to stack supplements for fat loss, you might not think about stim pre-workouts – after all, you won’t be doing strength training, but rather cardio, for which non-stim pre-workouts and fat burners will be much better. The same goes the other way around. So, you need to know what you’re aiming for if you want to stack your supplementation properly.

Select Your Initial Supplements

Do you know what your goal is? Perfect! Now it’s time to make the first list of your supplements.

Start with the general types of supplements (pre-workouts, fat burners, creatine, etc.). Then, get into more detail and add the supplements that you’d like to take the most. You might look at formula conflicts at this stage, but don’t worry about this too much – you’ll make sure that your supplement stack is compatible in the next step.

Compare Your Supplement Formulas

Now it’s time for the most important thing – you need to read into your supplement formulas and ensure that you don’t overdose on any of the substances. It might take you a while to find the perfect stack, but you need to do this – otherwise, you can suffer from unpleasant or even dangerous side effects.

We’ve got a couple of articles on mixing different supplements – take a look at them if you have any doubts about certain combinations.

Get Down to Training

With everything smoothened out, you can start taking your supplements. Remember that you might not want to take them all at once. For instance, pre-workout timing is different than for fat burners since you want to take the former only closely before your training sessions and not every day.

How to Build a Supplement Stack for Different Goals?

With the general tips behind us, let’s look at this problem in a bit more detail. What should be included in a supplement stack tailored to your goal? Here’s an overview!

How to Stack Supplements for Muscle Building?

Muscle building requires specific supplements that will accelerate muscle growth and recovery. What works best for muscle building?

  • Creatine,
  • BCAAs,
  • testosterone boosters,
  • products that increase blood flow.

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How to Stack Supplements for Fat Loss?

What about losing some annoying fat? Well, it’s a completely different story. Here, the supplement stack should include:

  • L-carnitine,
  • conjugated linoleic Acid (CLA),
  • fat burners,
  • caffeine (found in both stim pre-workouts and fat burners).

How to Stack Supplements for Performance?

If you want to improve your overall performance, the case is relatively simple – you need just two types of supplements:

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Remember to Monitor Your Body When Taking Supplements

Although you know how to create a supplement stack, this is not the end. You still need to monitor your body when taking them. Why?

Every person reacts differently to particular substances, with the best example being people who are immune to caffeine’s energizing effects. This means that even if you stick to the recommended dosage for each substance, you might spot side effects if your body is sensitive to a particular ingredient. Thus, you should monitor your state and adjust the doses (or even make breaks or change supplements) based on how your body’s reactions.

Supplement Stack vs. Healthy Lifestyle

Supplements are a great aid to your training routine. However, you need to think about them as… boosters. They don’t simply add up to your efforts. Instead, they multiply them.

The harder you work out, the more helpful the supplements will be. For example: do fat burners work? That’s a common question asked by people, and there is a reason behind it – if you don’t work out, the effects of these supplements are insignificant. The same goes for all other substances in your supplement stack – they will multiply your effort, but they won’t get the job done for you.

In practice, this means that you have to pay attention to proper workouts, but also to your lifestyle. Insufficient sleep, bad diet, and unhealthy habits – all of these will impact your progress significantly, and supplements can only slightly mitigate the damage. So, when creating your stack, also ensure that you live healthily.

how to stack supplements

The Takeaway

Let’s sum this article up. How to create a supplement stack? Start with defining your goal, then choose the general supplements you want to take, analyze their formulas to ensure that you don’t overdose on any of the ingredients, and begin taking them. Monitor your state when taking supplements for a long time to ensure that no unwanted reactions take place, and live a healthy lifestyle – otherwise, supplements won’t help as much as they could.

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What should I consider when stacking supplements?

Consider your fitness goals first, then select supplements accordingly, comparing their formulas to avoid overdosing.

How do I determine which supplements to stack?

Start by identifying your goal, then select supplements relevant to that goal, considering factors like muscle building, fat loss, or performance enhancement.

Can I mix different types of supplements together?

Yes, but it’s crucial to compare their formulas to prevent overdosing on any ingredient. Certain combinations may complement each other well, while others could cause adverse effects.

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