L-DOPA 120 capsules


Dark Labs L-Dopa it’s your daily boost of brilliance, mood, balance, vitality, and nutritional optimization, all packed into a tiny capsule.


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Introducing Dark Labs’ L-Dopa, your go-to dietary supplement to supercharge your day

Each bottle comes packed with 120 capsules, providing an equal number of servings to keep you covered for months. Each serving is power-loaded with 250mg of high-purity Mucuna extract, standardized to a minimum of 98% LDOPA, and boosted with 25mg of AstraGin for enhanced absorption.

Here are five awesome benefits of incorporating L-Dopa into your daily routine:

1. Boosts Brain Function: L-Dopa from Mucuna extract is a precursor to dopamine, a key neurotransmitter thatDark Labs L-DOPA - 120 capsules influences mood, motivation, and memory. Regular intake can help enhance mental clarity and focus, making it easier to tackle those challenging tasks or learn new skills.

2. Enhances Mood: With its natural dopamine-boosting powers, Dark Labs L-Dopa can help elevate your mood. This is great for those days when you need a little extra positivity or when you’re dealing with the stress that life throws your way.

3. Supports Physical Balance: Besides its mental benefits, the increased dopamine levels can contribute to better nerve function and muscle coordination. This is particularly beneficial if you’re into sports or regular physical activities, helping you perform at your best.

4. Promotes Vitality and Energy: The Mucuna extract not only helps uplift your mood but also contributes to increased energy levels. This makes L-Dopa a perfect companion for those long days or when you need an energy boost without relying on caffeine.

5. Optimizes Nutrient Absorption: Thanks to the inclusion of AstraGin, L-Dopa ensures that your body gets the most out of every nutrient you consume. AstraGin works to enhance the absorption rates of various nutrients, which means better overall health and more efficient energy usage.

Dark Labs’ L-Dopa isn’t just a supplement; it’s your daily boost of brilliance, mood, balance, vitality, and nutritional optimization, all packed into a tiny capsule. Make it a part of your daily regimen and feel the difference!

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