What Are Fat Burners Made of?

what are fatburners made of
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What are fat burners made of? The list of ingredients is long, but these supplements most commonly contain caffeine, taurine, EGCG, and L-carnitine. In this article, we will focus on the long and wide list of fat burner ingredients and explain their role in boosting your weight loss. Interested? Then read on!

The Most Common Fat Burner Ingredients Explained

Let’s take a glance at the fat burner ingredients that you’ll find in almost every supplement of this kind. We won’t only enlist them – you’d be able to see the list just by looking at a label on any fat burner, right? Instead, we will work out how each of these ingredients affects your metabolism or training effectiveness to discover why they are in fat burners in the first place. So, let’s get it started.


You might recognize it for keeping you awake and energized, but caffeine actually boosts fat loss as well. How exactly does it happen?

As mentioned by the experts quoted in our article, Do Fat Burners Work, caffeine stimulates thermogenesis and energy expenditure, letting you lose weight more quickly. However, it’s worth noting that the effects of caffeine itself aren’t that powerful, especially if you don’t work out. But, it stimulates you for more intensive training, so in the end, it is a useful ingredient, and it’s not surprising that you’ll find it in almost every fat burner.

There’s just one “but” with caffeine – it’s also present in other supplements, like pre-workouts. This means that it’s easy to overdose it. And when you do drink too much caffeine, you’ll get the reverse effect – you’ll become worn out. So, you need to pay attention to the ingredients in the supplements you take.

We also mustn’t forget that you build up a tolerance for caffeine pretty quickly. So, despite it being useful at the beginning, after a month of taking fat burners, its effect might be reduced to a minimum, if any.

Green Tea Extract

This is yet another fat burner ingredient popular in many workout supplements, and there’s quite a reason for that. Like caffeine, it boosts your energy levels and helps burn calories passively. But that’s not the end of the reasons why it’s put into fat burners.

The true power of green tea lies in EGCG. This is a substance found in green tea that boosts metabolism. It accelerates metabolic processes to such an extent that you should be able to see the effects only after a few days. But there’s one downside to it.

If you love to drink green tea as well, taking a fat burner with EGCG might cause you some stomach trouble or diarrhea. Thus, like with caffeine, you need to pay close attention to the ingredient list of your supplements and adjust your diet accordingly.


When discussing what fat burners are made from, we mustn’t forget taurine. Despite this ingredient being mostly associated with energy drinks, it’s also beneficial when you want to lose weight, though on one condition: you have to train.

Taurine works in two ways when it comes to burning fat. The first one is stress level reduction, as the substance limits the production of neurotransmitters and, thus, stress hormones. This is important because stress often leads to a higher appetite, making you consume more fat.

And, since we’re on the topic of fat, we need to mention that Taurine also helps your body use up more stored fat during exercise. So, in the end, it lets you reduce your fat tissue more quickly.


L-carnitine is responsible for transporting fat to mitochondria – the sources of energy in your cells. This means that the more of it you have, the higher amounts of fat are used for energy production, and in the end, you lose weight.

This is why L-carnitine has become one of the most common fat burner ingredients. What’s more, it will be effective both if you exercise and if you don’t. The additional energy acquired from the fat will also help you boost your training routine intensity, so you’ll be able to achieve better results even faster.

Fun fact: L-carnitine is often taken by athletes since its energizing and fat-burning effects are so good.


Derived from a tree with the same name, this substance has some awesome fat mobilization capabilities. How does it work? It increases blood flow to fat cells and helps your body achieve a higher rate of fat release for energy.

As such, Yohimbine is extremely useful for burning the fat from the most problematic, stubborn areas like the belly or thighs. But you must try it with a bit of caution – everybody reacts differently to yohimbine, so you need to learn your limits and reactions first.

Cayenne Pepper Extract

Not as common as the previous ones but still often used as a fat burner ingredient, cayenne pepper extract can also help you lose weight significantly. This is mainly due to its thermogenic properties.

You know the feeling of heat when you eat something spicy, right? This is because spicy food triggers the receptors responsible for reacting to heat. In the end, this means one thing – your body thinks that it needs to regulate its temperature, so it starts to use up energy. And where does this energy come from? If you use a fat burner with L-carnitine or taurine, then most probably from fat.

It won’t make you burn a huge amount of calories, but it will make a difference in your passive fat-burning processes – the ones that occur without training. That’s why cayenne pepper extract is often added as a fat burner ingredient.

The Takeaway

So, you know what fat burners are made of – now you’re aware of the ingredients you should look for in your supplements. Remember that the ones on our list are only the most common contents of such supplements – you will likely find many more various compounds in your product, so you should do your own research before you make a choice.

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What are the most common ingredients in fat burners?

Fat burners commonly contain caffeine, taurine, EGCG (from green tea extract), L-carnitine, Yohimbine, and cayenne pepper extract.

How does caffeine contribute to fat loss in fat burners?

Caffeine stimulates thermogenesis and energy expenditure, aiding in quicker weight loss. Additionally, it enhances training intensity, but be cautious about potential overdosing and developing tolerance.

What is the role of EGCG in green tea extract in fat burners?

EGCG, found in green tea extract, boosts metabolism, accelerating fat loss. However, it may cause stomach issues, especially if you consume green tea separately.

How does Taurine contribute to weight loss in fat burners?

Taurine reduces stress levels and limits the production of stress hormones, curbing appetite. It also helps the body utilize stored fat during exercise, facilitating quicker fat reduction.

What is L-Carnitine’s role in fat burners?

L-Carnitine transports fat to mitochondria, enhancing energy production and promoting weight loss. It’s effective for both exercising and non-exercising individuals, providing additional energy for improved training intensity.

what are fatburners made of

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