Why Dark Labs Turkesterone?

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Dark Labs is a company that specializes in creating high-intensity, powerful formulations for the extreme and hardcore stimulant enthusiasts.

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Turkesterone is a naturally occurring ecdysteroid derived from plants and is classified as a plant steroid. It is also found in many sources of food, however in low amounts. Therefore supplementation of a high quality Turkesterone product is essential to reap the full potential and benefits Turkesterone has to offer.

Why would I take It?

Turkesterone has a lot of potential benefits, more human studies are needed to solidify claims but from various pieces of data it is promising.

Potential benefits:

° Helps build muscle

° Increases strength

° Enhances immunity

Turkesterone is non hormonal making it an ideal solution for natural athletes or anyone wanting to potentially enhance their strength, gains and immunity.

How does Dark Labs Turkesterone work?

Due to Turkesterone potentially having an influence on MPS (muscle protein synthesis) it’s capable of assisting with muscle growth. Since this is from a natural origin the popularity and demand is high as this makes it a potentially good choice over Sarms and PEDs but the combination would be even greater making Turkesterone very versatile and beneficial in more way than one.

How much should I consume?

It’s not entirely known the exact and specific dose but anywhere between 500-1000mg seems to be the sweet spot. Consuming 2 separate servings seems to be a common practice and using it for a period of no less than 10 weeks seems to be the most efficacious.

Results are generally seen and felt in 2 weeks of continuous use and with proper training, sleep and nutrition to reap the most reward.

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Why Dark Labs Turkesterone?

Due to a lot of counterfeit and companies claiming superior quality with no proof, Dark Labs have ensured that customers are getting what they paid for. As seen below with our certification of purity, putting your mind at ease when it comes to getting authentic. Dark Labs Turkesterone 10% in our shop.

What is Turkesterone?

Turkesterone is a naturally occurring ecdysteroid derived from plants, classified as a plant steroid. It is found in various sources of food, but in low amounts. To experience the full potential and benefits of Turkesterone, supplementation with a high-quality product is essential.

How does Dark Labs Turkesterone work?

Dark Labs Turkesterone potentially influences muscle protein synthesis (MPS), which aids in muscle growth. Since Turkesterone is of natural origin, it is a popular choice as an alternative to SARMS and PEDs. Combining Turkesterone with these substances may have even greater benefits, making it a versatile and advantageous option.

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